Why Us

InvigorHealth Solutions will help you maximize business outcomes with cost-effective and easy to use employee wellness tools. Our services inspire physical and emotional employee wellness, leading to increased productivity.

Why Us…A Closer Look
  • Maximize operational efficiencies
  • Increase employee retention
  • Engage wellness professionals to assist your employees
  • Improve healthy behaviors, which can lower insurance costs
  • Decrease lost days due to sick time
  • Help motivate employees, improve morale, and foster positive outlooks
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Help employees reach their full potential so your business can thrive
  • A great investment for your employees
Elements Included with a Year of Invigor®Gateway
  • Unlimited access to all elements
  • Dynamic content
  • Personalized interfaces
  • Preventative health maintenance
  • Answers to questions from Certified Wellness Pros
  • Produced by Certified Wellness Professionals
  • Categories: fitness, nutrition, physical & emotional health
  • Include pages viewed & wellness survey scores
  • Enable tracking of your staff’s wellness success
  • A comprehensive & confidential wellness survey
  • Taken periodically
  • Multiple Interfaces produce personalized output
  • Increases user engagement
  • Expanded instructional video series
  • On-line interactive lectures
  • Mobile apps
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