What We Do

InvigorHealth Solutions was created to be the preeminent business-to-business employee wellness services company. We strive to maximize our clients’ business outcomes through more productive, healthier, and happier employees.

Our Skilled People Set Us Apart

Our Leadership Team and Advisory Body combine to create a highly skilled group of wellness professionals with a vast array of knowledge and experience that is the backbone of InvigorHealth Solutions. The group includes: nutritionists, medical doctors, mental health professionals, bodywork practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, fitness professionals, wellness educators, and spiritual leaders.

Our Unique Services

We create one of a kind wellness services that:

  • Are centered on the continuum of an active and healthy lifestyle, including fitness, nutrition, and physical & emotional health.
  • Help organizations reach their full potential.
  • Are designed to positively influence employees’ impactful choices and encourage their participation in daily wellness initiatives.

InvigorGateway, is a dynamic and interactive web-based wellness resource that can be accessed from any outlet, i.e. computers, laptops, tablets, and/or cell phones. InvigorGateway will greatly influence operational efficiencies with increased productivity and employee retention.

InvigorGateway provides your employees with unlimited access to frequently updated wellness content and proprietary interactive/personalized components, such as those heightened below.

  • Ask the Experts: Nutritionists, Fitness Professionals, and Clinicians respond to your employees’ questions. 
  • Lift, Flex, and Move into Fitness: tailored exercise recommendations based on employees’ fitness levels.
  • Be Healthy: specific preventative health suggestions based on age and gender.  
  • Invigor®Survey: a comprehensive confidential wellness survey that provides measurable outcomes.
Next Generation Services

InvigorHealth Solutions strives to continually improve and develop future services to further benefit our valued clients. The following are representative of next generation services under development: 

  • Online lectures and clinics.
  • Mobile wellness apps.
  • Expanded personalized services.
  • Additional wellness measurement tools.
A Current Invigor®Gateway Sample

From our valuable collection of Wellness Tips that include Fit Tip, Eat Well Tip, Positive Mindset Tip, RX Tip, and Destress Tip

Fit Tip

Benefits of Morning Exercise

Superior Long Term Results: Research shows those who exercise in the morning are much more consistent at working out.

Improvement in Productivity: Exercise can increase mental clarity 4 to 10 hours post work-out.

Superior Sleep: Studies show that those who routinely wake-up early for exercise sleep better than those who work-out in the evening.

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